About Us

About Us


The Institute of Exercise and Sports (IES) is a registered fitness educational institute in the Maldives. the institute was formed in 2022 when the founder of the top gymnasium – Total fitness Group (TfG) had a vision to change its organizational based continued education into something structural and formal. After training and educating top trainers for 12 years it was time to transform into an official institute. The IES is based inside the state-of-the-art gymnasium of TfG with a fully equipped world-class facilities including a cardio section, strength facilities, huge group-fitness studios and high-performance fitness testing facilities.

Exercise and Sports is our passion; therefore, we love passing our knowledge on, developing fitness professionals, and ultimately growing a knowledgeable and educated fitness community in the Maldives day by day.

In today’s fast moving and ever-changing world of health and wellness, all of our courses are comprehensively designed and perfectly suited to the demands of the fitness industry today.


IES is a proud partner of world class fitness institutions bringing courses accredited by various governing bodies around the world:
FAE- Fitness Academy Europe
IPTFA – International Personal Trainers and Fitness Academy, South-East Asia renown training provider.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to offer the Maldives’s widest array of national and international accredited educational programs at affordable prices.
  • We want to create opportunities for individual growth through job creation and eliminating the barriers of entry for individuals into a sports and fitness career.
  • To enhance the standard of the sport and fitness industry in the Maldives.

Our Values

  • We strive to powerful and positive change by supporting students to motivate others towards a healthy lifestyle, fitness and wellness.
  • We strive to always offer our students the best support resources and most updated course information through our education material.